Science and Technology Department Assam inviting articles on scientific issues in four categories ,Win Rs 1 Lakh

Science and Technology Department , Assam Science Technology and Environment Council Assam Plain Tribes Development Corporation (APTDC)

Sanskar : Manuhe Manuhor Babe Science and Challenges  has published notice for Invitation of articles on scientific issues in four categories from people of Assam on various issues related to society, health, superstition and our responsibilities. Best articles will be rewarded with cash prizes and certificate. Selected articles will be compiled to publish a book having ISBN.

Who Can Apply ( Eligibility ):

Category A: Upto Class X

Category B: Class XI-XII or equivalent

Category C: Undergraduate to Post Graduate level including Diploma Students or equivalent

Category D: Open to all

Topics :

(Any one of the two topics in each category may be chosen)

Scientific Articles :

Category A:

1. World of Microbes, their Impacts on Health and Preventive Measures

2. Health Related Superstitions and our Responsibilities

Category B:

1. Epidemics: A Historical Perspective

2. Virus, Human Health And Our Society

Category C:

1. Disaster created by COVID-19 vis-a-vis Natural Disaster

2. Traditional Hygiene and Sanitation Practices in the Societies of Assam: Their Scientific Relevance in the Present Context Research Papers :

Category D:

1. Impacts of COVID-19 on International Relations

2. Future after COVID-19 with special reference to India

Prizes :

First, second and third prizes, respectively are:

Category A: Rs. 25,000.00, Rs. 20,000.00 and Rs. 15,000.00

Category B: Rs. 30,000.00, Rs. 25,000.00 and Rs. 20,000.00

Category C: Rs. 40,000.00, Rs. 30,000.00 and Rs. 25,000.00

Category D: Rs. 50,000.00, Rs. 35,000.00 and Rs. 25,000.00

(The author of the best article selected by the Jury from thearticles of Category B, C and D will be rewarded with Rs.1,00,000.00 (Rupees One Lakh), which will be inclusive of the first prize in the concerned category from where the article has been chosen. There will be Jury award of Rs.10,000.00 each to 3 (three) more articles from each of the categories)

How To Apply :

Articles must be sent only through e-mail on or before 30.05.2020 to or providing full contact address, mobile number and a passport photo. 

Rules and Regulation :

Detailed rules and guidelines can be downloaded from website

N.B.: Only Scientific artcles are acceptable

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